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Has life’s challenges impacted the way you think about yourself?

Are you feeling stuck, frustrated and discouraged?

Are you fed up of not being heard, feeling diminished and insignificant?

Lacking in confidence and self-esteem

A learning challenge or disability can have a negative impact on your confidence and self-esteem.

Seeing the world differently

You may process information and think differently. As you notice this is different from others it can be confusing.

Struggle with how you fit in

You may feel not understood and can find it hard to form new relationships with colleagues and / or friends.

Life’s barriers and challenges can impact your confidence and self-esteem.

Incorporating horses, trained professionals offer healing and learning in a non-judgemental environment.
Connect with who you are and what you have to offer to create happiness and fulfilment.

It’s Your Time to Shine!

When you don’t fit into the traditional way of thinking and learning, it can be a very lonely place.

It can have a negative impact on your sense of self-worth, self-esteem and confidence. We understand.

It’s your Time to Shine, heal from past experiences and discover your unique and beautiful attributes and abilities that make you, YOU.

Believe in yourself and shine.


Why people believe in us

“I attended a group session, and the experience I had was incredible. It was very insightful to hear other people’s stories, and the ways in which I could relate to them. This experience managed to open up so much for me, answering questions I didn’t even know I had. ”

Young Person, London

“I had a session with the big white horse without knowing what to expect. I set an intention while there and I had a beautiful experience as well as answers to what I was enquiring. That moment, I was present to a special connection with the horse and still now it is alive in me. Just awesome!!”

CG, London

“My anxiety is now next to nothing, whereas before I would struggle to express myself without getting nervous, and had very low self esteem. In all honesty this programme has changed my life for the better. I went to the session with an open mind, and walked out with life changing results. I couldn’t recommend it enough..”

GH, London

We can help – 3 step plan

01 Schedule a chat

Let’s have a call first to explore your objectives and to see if we are a good fit for you and your child.

02 Agree a programme

We can tailor a programme to meet your objectives and to enable you to shine. This can be online and in person.

03 Start your journey to change your life!

We aim to support in creating a culture of happy, confident and fulfilled individuals.

We can help you take control of your life and change your outcomes.

When life has put barriers and challenges in the way and you find yourself unsure on how to overcome them, it takes a toll on your self-esteem and your ability to manage life well.

Emotions and behaviours become problematic and you can end up feeling stuck.
Lacking self-confidence and self-respect, frustrated and discouraged with life, it can seem hopeless.

Learn to connect with your feelings, heal from past experiences and open to a new way of learning in a non-judgemental and safe space.

Explore your own landscape of thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and life experiences in a safe process in collaboration with your Time to Shine facilitation team.

Involving horses in the discovery learning process empowers you to ‘see’ your behaviours and how those behaviours impact you and others.

Discover and appreciate your innate capabilities, guided by professionals, truly believing in them, you can flourish and shine.

Why Us?

Over 200+ Young people increased confidence



We understand, we have been there.



Free to be yourself and to explore without judgement.


Space and freedom to discover your uniqueness

Discover new things about yourself


A convenient location, on the suburbs of the city

Easy to access location, a rare gem near the city.

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Tailored discovery programme

A programme specifically designed to empower you to realise your abilities.

Online tailored programme

An online programme designed to provide learning and support to launch you to a new level.

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The impact of feeling stuck and unappreciated can affect your happiness and fulfilment in life. Unclear where to go and how to add value, not being understood and under-achieving.

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Email: [email protected] to request a copy of ‘5 Top Tips to increase self-esteem in young people with Dyslexia’