Supporting families and young people, during and post lockdown, with emotional well-being

We are excited to be able to support more families and young people with their emotional well-being, following the lockdown and transition back to the ‘new normal’ life, through our online and live sessions with horses. Thank you to the Government Covid support response fund in partnership with the National Lottery.

At a time of significant change, uncertainty and high levels of anxiety the need to look after our mental well-being has increased. We are keen to continue to play a key role in supporting individuals and families through the Covid-19 crisis and try to reduce its impact on emotional well-being and mental health.

In response to adapt our services and to make it more accessible, we have developed a new online programme to provide experiential therapy to support disadvantaged families and young people with their emotional well-being during the current crisis of Covid-19.

As society goes back to the new “normal” and children return back to school, this transition period will bring its own challenges and we will offer support to children and families to build on their strengths and resources, so that they can develop their resilience and manage the changes effectively.

We will provide virtual therapy sessions through the use of horses via live stream, videos and therapeutic horse cards. Where the individuals are unable to access the online intervention, where possible we will offer face to face intervention with the horses.

If you would be interested in participating and would like more information, please email: [email protected] 

A big thank you to the Time to Shine team, Dr Aysun La Fontaine and Carey Khan, for adapting and rising to the challenge due these unprecedented times. 

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