Research and evidence on the effectiveness of incorporating horses into learning and healing

Research and Evaluation Studies on the effectiveness of EAGALA model of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy & Learning

UK based studies

1. A six week programme with young people from challenging backgrounds in the UK. A partnership between Signposts & Halter – request a copy
2. Program Evaluation Report 2013 MACS Supporting Young People – Northern Ireland – request a copy
3. Pilot study into the impact of Equine Therapy on troubled teenagers in Northumberland – request a copy

Outside UK

EAGALA Model – Academic Papers

Russell-Martin, L.A. (2006). Equine facilitated couples therapy and Solution Focused couples therapy: A comparative study. Doctorate of Philosophy, Northcentral University.

Shultz, B. (2005). The effects of Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy on the psychosocial functioning of at-risk adolescents ages 12-18. Unpublished Masters Thesis.Denver Seminary. Denver, CO.

Tetreault, A. (2006). Horses that heal: The effectiveness of Equine Assisted Growth and Learning on the behavior of students diagnosed with Emotional Disorder. Unpublished Masters Thesis.Governors State University, University Park, IL.

Published in Peer Review Journals

Schultz, P., Remick-Barlow, G., & Robbins, L. (2007). Equine-assisted psychotherapy: A mental health promotion/intervention modality for children who have experienced intra-family violence. Health& Social Care in the Community 15(3), 265-271.

Trotter, K., Chandler, C., Goodwin-Bond, D., & Casey, J. (2008). A comparative study of the efficacy of group equine assisted counseling with at-risk children and adolescents. Journal of Creativity in Mental Health, Vol. 3(3), 254-284.

General Equine Assisted Psychotherapy services (other models or not model specific)Chardonnens, E. (2009). The use of animals as co-therapists on a farm: The child-horse bond in Person-Centered Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy. Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies, 8(4), 319-332.

Klontz, B.T., Bivens, A., Leinart, D. &Klontz, T. (2007). The effectiveness of equine-assisted experiential therapy: Results of an open clinical trial. Society and Animals, 15 (2007), 257-267. 

Rothe, E.Q., Vega, J., Torres, R.M., Soler, S.M.C. &Pazos, R.M.M. (2005). From kids and horses: Equine facilitated psychotherapy for children. International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, 5(2), 373-383.
For copies of the above studies please email: [email protected]

Research in the Media

Stress – 25 April 2014: Focus is on riding and horsemanship – Mail Online “Why horsing around is good for you: Spending time around stables proven to reduce stress” by Emma Innes

Anger and Violence – 15 July 2011: Psychiatric News “Horses Join Therapy Sessions With Violence-Prone Patients” by Leslie Sinclair

Emotional Intelligence – 26 June 2013: The Horse “Horses Teaching Humans about Leadership” by University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment

Other News