Funding Sources

Potential funding sources available to support your child’s development


Organisations like ASDF offer funding and scholarships for parents who want to take advantage of equine therapy.

Support by ASDF means that financial issues won’t hold you back from giving your child the therapy he needs, providing him with the gift of emotional bonding, communication, and skills that will help him today and continue to enrich his life in the future.

Family Fund

£500 a year funding available to support families with disabled children, for more information go to:

Pupil Premium

This is a fund available to the schools for funding interventions to support children in schools.

SEN fund

This is a fund made available to schools to support children with special educational needs.

Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) – funding

Additional funding is made available to the school from the Local Authority to support children with additional needs as identified through the EHCP.

Adoption Support Fund

Funding support for therapeutic interventions for adoption families. For more information go to:

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