Tips for supporting your children’s emotional wellbeing and mental health

It’s children’s mental health week

Lockdown and home schooling has put increased pressure on some of our children’s health and wellbeing as well as that of the parents and carers supporting them as they juggle alongside other responsibilities.

What things are you putting in place to help maintain emotional wellbeing and mental health during this time?

Here is some tips that may help:

1) Notice any changes in behaviour – signs of increase in stress and anxiety – could show in increased arguing with sibling, or refusal to do things and go out for an exercise for example.

2) Find time to listen – really listen – what is the communication behind the behaviour that they are unable to express in words?

3) Find a calm time to talk to your children about what they may be experiencing.  Help them to build emotional intelligence and resilience by exploring feeling and validating what they are experiencing.

4) Build routines that incorporates fun things to do.  Painting, drawing, pillow fights etc!

5) Learn new practical skills – not all learning needs to be in an academic way, develop life skills.  Maybe cooking, washing, cleaning!

6) When possible spend some time outdoors to get some fresh air and be in nature.

7) Reassure them that what they are experiencing now is temporary and things will improve.

8) Before going to sleep – think of 3 x things you are grateful for from the day – this could be simple i.e. your favourite dinner etc. It will help to create a positive mindset.  Role model where necessary.
Need a little extra help and support?

We have funding to support families with their emotional wellbeing during this time. 

Email us at [email protected] if you are interested in finding out more.  

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