About Time to Shine Kids

Time to Shine Kids is a not for profit organisation, based in South London, providing therapeutic interventions for children and young people who experience social, emotional and mental health difficulties. 

Discovery learning

We at Time to Shine Kids believe that when children and young people are given the space, freedom and creativity to discover and explore their individual talents, self-worth and uniqueness, will gain in confidence and feel empowered to cope with the challenges they face. Thereby allowing them their time to shine.

Learning is enabled by being creative and doing, helping them discover and fulfil their talents and passions.

We also aim to partner with and / or signpost other interventions who share the same values.

We also support parents, families and professionals.

Organisational Governance

Time to Shine Kids has a management committee including one Executive director and six Non-executive directors who contribute their skills and expertise in supporting and governing the business activities, direction and goals.  The board meet quarterly. 

Time to Shine Kids has the appropriate health and safety, safeguarding, risk assessment policies, insurance in place.  All volunteers and staff are DBS checked.  Practitioners have the appriopriate first aid certification. 

Why us?

We use proven natural and alternative interventions to reduce the need for long term reliance on support and medication.

 Call us to discuss your needs and get a quote 07949 862464