Profound shift

Profound shift

A participants account of taking part in a demonstration event:

I attended a demonstration on the Eagala model of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. The audience were asked if anyone would like to participate and I decided I wanted to be one of the group who volunteered.

I had had no pre-conceived ideas when I went to the event other than an interest in the concept, and a wish to gain as much of an understanding of the process as possible. I have actually always been very wary of horses, even at times frightened, and have had very little if any contact with them throughout my life. However, when I entered the arena I didn’t feel frightened, and suddenly became acutely aware not just of the horses behaviour, but also the behaviour of the people around me. The dynamic of the group seemed to centre itself on the movement, behaviour and interaction of the horses, which in turn created a source of great energy and tension, directly affecting our varying forms of individual expression and communication.

When I finished the session I felt very pleased that I had participated and had found it all very interesting. However, I was not prepared for what followed. In a nutshell, that experience has initiated a profound shift within me. One which I could never have imagined or dreamed possible. The affect of which has gone to the very core of my being, and the best way to describe it is like a golden bullet.

Over the course of the days that followed I felt, and am still experiencing, the reverberations from that hit, like sonic waves, suddenly creating within me the possibility for change, understanding, forgiveness, and even a sense of freedom.

I have a strong desire now to interact with the horses again, not simply for my own personal growth, but to have the opportunity to fully acknowledge what they represent, and in some way convey my gratitude, for allowing me to enter into their space, to share, trust, love and heal.