Strategies for managing behavioural outbursts

A workshop for parents and people working with children and young people to help manage behavioural outbursts 


A hands on, practical, experiential workshop to explore strategies to support children and young people with emotion regulation as well as learn de-escalation strategies to effectively manage behavioural outbursts.

All behaviour is communication – explore the meaning behind the behaviour and identify what is really going on in their world

Communication is key. Did you know 80-90% of our communication is non-verbal? Children and young people read and bounce off our non-verbal communication more than they listen to our verbal. Our non-verbal communication can be so subtle and not necessarily in our awareness. It is important for the parents and staff working with the children to be aware of how they communicate non-verbally. This is especially crucial if you are helping children to regulate their emotions and/or using verbal de-escalation strategies to help them to do so in the heat of the moment so that your intentions are not misinterpreted.

So what is the value of the horses? Horses, as prey animals are high intuitive and are experts in reading our emotions, energy and non-verbal communication.
They provide instant feedback to enable us to discover and increase our self-awareness.
Discover what works, what doesn’t work and what you need to change in your approach.

Benefits of attending:
• Self-awareness of the impact your non-verbal communication has on others
• Gain insights into strategies you can use immediately to support your child

Who should attend?
• Parents
• Teachers
• Anyone working with children and young people

NB: All our work is ground based – no riding involved and no experience of horses necessary.

Download Time to Shine Kids_Emotion Regulation_March-April 2018.pdf


Carey Khan

Carey Khan

Eagala Equine Specialist

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