Carey Khan

Carey Khan

(Eagala Equine Specialist)

Carey Khan is Executive Director and Founder of Time to Shine Kids Ltd. 

An Eagala model certified Equine Specialist facilitator, as well as Regional Director for Europe and the Middle East for Eagala.  Carey is a strong advocate for the power of the Eagala model.

From an early age she got to understand the benefits and the powerful relationship you can build with horses, particularly for building self-esteem and self-worth.  Carey struggled at school in the early years with learning difficulties and during this time her pony Tonto provided non-judgemental and unconditional love, acceptance and stability in her life.  

Over the years I’ve attended many ‘traditional’ training environments and it was clear that, at least for me, this was not always the best way to learn, this led to my journey of exploration to find a different way. This led me to the EAGALA approach, which combined my passion for horses with the experiential nature of learning. The experiential, practical, engaging way of experiencing what you are learning, from a doing space not a thinking space was much more powerful for me.  I’m committed to helping people achieve their full potential, no matter what their background or difficulty and to make a real contribution to society as a whole through this work.”

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