What we offer

We offer therapeutic interventions for children, young people and families.

For Children and Young people

We support children and young people who experience social, emotional and mental health difficulties and who may have learning needs including reduced attention and concentration. 

We reduce stress and anxiety and develop confidence and self-esteem to increase wellbeing which in turn enables better learning in schools.  

For Families

We support families who struggle with challenging behaviour, to improve communication, relationships and build resilience.

For Professionals

We provide professionals opportunities for experiential team building, leadership development, communication skills as well as the opportunity to explore non-verbal communication, social structure, how to overcome behavioural challenges, and how to create safe boundaries.

Who we work with

We work in partnership with: Schools, Local Authorities, CAMHS/NHS, Charities and Voluntary Organisations and of course Parents.

Our fees

Our fees reflect our outcomes and the key benefit of reduction in long term reliance on support and medication.  Although in the short term our fees may be more than other traditional interventions, in the long term this proves cost effective.

We provide flexible opportunities to engage with our work to suit all budgets and learning objectives, including group and package offers.

 Call us to discuss your needs and get a quote 07949 862464