Why Horses?

Horses can help you take control of your life and change your outcomes.

When life has put barriers and challenges in the way and you find yourself unsure on how to overcome them, it takes a toll on your self-esteem and your ability to manage life well. Emotions and behaviours become problematic and you end up feeling stuck. Lacking self-confidence and self-respect, frustrated and discouraged with life, it can seem hopeless.

Learn to connect with your feelings and open to a new way of learning in a non-judgmental and safe space. Explore your own landscape of thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and life experiences in a safe process in collaboration with your facilitation team. Involving horses in the discovery learning process empowers you to ‘see’ your behaviours and how those behaviours impact you and others. Discover your true potential as you find the answers you are looking for, guided by professionals.


High Standards

The Eagala Model is a framework of standards and skill sets. Believing the best solutions come from within, the Eagala Model allows you the latitude to discover, learn, and grow from the unique qualities of the horse-human relationship. The Eagala Model involves no riding and is ground-based. It does not require you to have any previous experience with horses. This creates a physically and emotionally safe environment and enhances the accessibility of the learning, as the horses and clients are each unencumbered and free to interact. It requires nothing of the horse except to be a horse, and nothing from you except to be present to your experience. The Eagala Model follows a standard of facilitation that creates lasting solutions to life’s obstacles.


    Find the answers you seek to change behaviours and make your life better. Explore, problem-solve, and overcome challenges by being the expert in your own life. Find meaning and solutions to the problems that trouble you. Cultivate positive feelings, thoughts and actions to enhance your well-being and to have you fulfil your potential. The Eagala Model delivers life-changing outcomes. You already have all the answers you’re looking for.


    Horses offer unique opportunities for you to discover inner strength. Horses are large and powerful and it’s hard to ignore their presence, much like a seemingly impossible life issue you may have experienced. Because horses are highly sensitive, and survive by paying close attention to their environment, they respond to the feeling state and body language we express. You have to work to connect with a horse and find a way to develop a relationship with them based on trust – the same as in our personal lives. Their actions can be a metaphor for your life story. You see what is at the heart of the challenge or issue, and have a more profound experience by working through solutions in a creative doing space. With the support of the full Eagala team, including the horses, understand how the stories you have told yourself have kept you from moving forward. Learn to make decisions that lead to changing your behaviors. Horses have the ability to transform your life so you can build a brighter future for yourself.


    Horses cultivate emotional safety and offer a unique way for you to address difficult experiences. You may find yourself hesitant to open up to another person about emotional challenges, past experiences, or life transitions. Horses are highly intuitive and sensitive beings who connect with us in ways that give you understanding about your behaviours and emotions. They can reflect back to us things that we otherwise don’t see in ourselves or in our lives. Working with horses in this way, you gain new perspectives that create life changes. Processing challenging life experiences can be easier with a horse.


    Gain new knowledge and deepen your self-awareness. When we become conscious and understand our own feelings, motives, and desires, then we can learn to change. Processing challenges through your connection and interaction with the horses can be easier than speaking directly about your personal experiences and feelings. We meet you where you are, guiding you to naturally connect within yourself in a state of calm. As you begin to interact with the horse and try new things, you step out of your comfort zone and discover new ideas and strengths within yourself. Through the relationship with the horses, you learn how to express your feelings and needs in a way that creates connection. Feel valuable and seen. The Eagala Model helps you find connection and understanding, and opens you to feeling confident and empowered.


    Solution oriented. Let’s have a conversation and find the right solution to meet your learning objectives.